Staff - Museum of Cultural History

The list contains 242 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aannestad, Hanne Lovise Head Engineer +47-22859980 40551565 (mob)
Aarseth, Bjarte Einar Senior Engineer +47-22135296 +47-92602866 (mob) +47 41451115 Oseberg ship, Viking ship. Gokstad ship, Woodcarving, The Oseberg wagon, The Oseberg bed, 3D scanning
Aase-Nilsen, Karsten Director of Department +47-22859942 +47-91158140 (mob) Administrative management
Adamczyk, Michal Chief Research Technician
Andreassen, Ingvild Solberg Senior Adviser +47-22859928 +47-91649293 (mob)
Andriulo, Fabrizio Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22859512
Anly, Elise Standal General Services Officer
Astrup, Eva Elisabeth Professor Emeritus +47-22859504
Axelsen, Irmelin Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859106
Babashahi, Maryam Head Engineer +47-22859373 92055898 (mob)
Begim, Ainur Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22859977
Berg-Hansen, Inger Marie Associate Professor +47-22851913 +47-41688955 (mob) Archaeology, Archeology, Stone Age, Stone Age Technology, Stone Age Survey
Bergstøl, Jostein Associate Professor +47-22851905 +47-90636761 (mob)
Bill, Jan Professor +47-22859556 +47-99887225 (mob) Archeology, Viking Age
Bjerregaard, Peter Senior Adviser +47-22845779 Social anthropology, Anthropology of Art, Material Culture, Museology, Visual Culture, Exhibitions, Design
Bjørgen, Inge Head Engineer +47-22859973 +47-48048139 (mob) Exhibitions
Bjørkli, Birgitte Adviser +47-22859805 95759238 (mob)
Bjørndal, Kirsten Project Manager +47-22845939
Blasco, Davinia Gimeno General Services Officer
Blom, Jenny General Services Officer
Botani, Kisra Sabri Senior Executive Officer +47-22851951 45210960 (mob)
Boumans, Louis Project Manager +47-22859425 Project management, H2020
Braovac, Susan Conservator 22 85 93 40
Bratlie, Eivind Conservator +47-22859971 41904379 (mob)
Brattset-Oddum, Bendik General Services Officer