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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Jensen, Jan S. Adviser +47-22851952 Administration, Health, safety and environment
Picture of Maria Malherbes Jensen Jensen, Maria Malherbes Head Engineer +47-22851975 Archaeological conservation, Preventiv conservation
Johannessen, Linnea Syversætre Adviser
Picture of Bjørn Vidar Johansen Johansen, Bjørn Vidar Administrative Manager +47-22857945 Project management, Museums, Guided tours, Exhibitions
Picture of Karl Kallhovd Kallhovd, Karl Assistant Museum Director +47-22851959 +47-41568851 Archeology
Picture of Tone Cecilie Simensen Karlgård Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen Lecturer +47-22859956 98649563 Exhibitions, Museum Pedagogy, Project management
Picture of Houshang Khazaei Khazaei, Houshang Researcher +47-22859958 Archaeology, Numismatics
Kile-Vesik, Jakob Jan Edvin Adviser +47-22851968
Picture of Torunn Klokkernes Klokkernes, Torunn Head of Office +47-22859562 +47-40102431
Picture of James E Knirk Knirk, James E +47-22859756 97874174 Archaeology, Runology
Picture of Kaja Kollandsrud Kollandsrud, Kaja Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859564 Conservation, Medieval Studies, Art technology, Medieval science, Visual culture, Material culture, Polychromy, Reconstruction
Picture of Johnny Kreutz Kreutz, Johnny Graphic Designer 22 85 99 88 91 39 70 36 Exhibitions, Communication, Graphic design, Web Publishing, Graphic Profile
Picture of Steinar Kristensen Kristensen, Steinar Senioringeniør +47-22859676 +47-90178298 GIS, Archaeology, Field documentation, Intrasis, RPAS, Drones, Iron Age, Board game, Photogrammetry, RTI, Databases, MUSIT
Picture of Tereza Kuldova Kuldova, Tereza Forsker +47-22859375 India, material culture, social anthropology, hierarchy, fashion, craft, social change, commodification, value, aesthetic economy
Picture of Hartmut Kutzke Kutzke, Hartmut Associate Professor +47-22859477 97985024
Picture of Ingrid Landmark Landmark, Ingrid +47-22859923 Archaeology, Collection management
Larsen, Hege Cathrine Rådgiver +47-22851954
Larsen, Jan Henning Professor +47-22851853 004741216291 Archeology
Picture of Kjersti Larsen Larsen, Kjersti Professor +47-22859968 Social Anthropology, Ethnography, Indian Ocean, Northern Sudan, Islam, Rituals and Cosmology, Religion, Mobility and Migration, Gender, Identity, Performativity
Picture of Marina Prusac Lindhagen Lindhagen, Marina Prusac Førsteamanuensis +47-22859945 98432335 +47-98432335 Ancient art, Classical archaeology, Classical art history, Roman sculpture, Roman portraits, Dalmatia, the Ustinow Collection
Lindøe, Eili Overarkitekt +47-22859932 97510783 97510783
Loeshagen, Anne Berit Executive Officer +47-22851917 Administration
Løchen, Ragnar Overingeniør +47-22135294 99230263
Lønaas, Ole Christian Adviser +47-22851854 +47-90805939 Archeology
Manninen, Mikael Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22851918