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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Jes Martens Martens, Jes Associate Professor +47-22851852 +47-90919141 Iron Age, Settlement Archaeology, Early Iron Age pottery, Armament in the Early Iron Age, Archeology
Martinsen, Julian Robert Post Adviser +47-22859901
Mathiesen, Mari S. Lecturer +47-22859955 Exhibitions, Museum Pedagogy
Matsumoto, Mieko Researcher +47-22859599 Archaeology
McGraw, Jessica Leigh Adviser Crafts and Production, Archaeology, Viking Age, Settlement Archaeology, Iron Age, Viking Age Art styles, Insular metalwork, Urbanization
Picture of Emily McHale McHale, Emily +47-22859507
Picture of Caitlin McQueen McQueen, Caitlin Researcher +47-22135284 Chemistry, Conservation Science, Archaeogical wood
Picture of Anne Lene Melheim Melheim, Anne Lene Section Manager +47-22841957 99755435
Melvold, Stine Annette Administrative Manager +47-22851947 +47-90501207 90501207 Archeology
Mjærum, Axel Johan Associate Professor +47-22859461 +47-91775841
Picture of Knut Christian Myhre Myhre, Knut Christian Researcher +47-22845975 +4745873006 Social Anthropology, Ethnography, Norway, Tanzania, Anthropology of Finance, Anthropology of Ethics, Material Culture, Rituals and Cosmology
Picture of Anette Maartmann-Moe Maartmann-Moe, Anette Head of Business Management +4722135291 +4791729771 travel, marketing, Shop, presents, business, trade
Picture of Arul Narendran Narendran, Arul Senior Engineer +47-22851921 +47-99644080 99644080 Local IT support
Neumann, Iver Brynild Professor II +47-22854842
Nilsson, Anders Helseth Head Engineer +47-22859502
Picture of Ellen Marie Næss Næss, Ellen Marie Lecturer +47-22135287 Exhibitions, Archaeology
Picture of Kristian Omnes Omnes, Kristian Senior Executive Officer +47-22859995 Administration, Reception, Museum Pedagogy, Exhibitions, Purchaser
Orvik, Kristin Chief Research Technician
Picture of Laura Juliana Osorio Iregui Osorio Iregui, Laura Juliana Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859427 South America, Cultural policy, Heritage, History of Art., Material Culture, indigenous, crafts
Picture of Arne Aleksej Perminow Perminow, Arne Aleksej Associate Professor +47-22859627 Tonga, Mobility and Migration, Polynesia, Rituals and Cosmology, Social anthropology, Material culture, Oceania, Ethnography, Nature and Society, Museology
Picture of Per Åke Persson Persson, Per Åke Associate Professor +47-22851916 +47-95170690 Archeology
Petzold, Line Christin Conservator +47-22859662
Picture of Eleonora Piva Piva, Eleonora Head Engineer +47-22859552 conservation, archaeological conservation, maritime conservation, waterlogged wood
Picture of Gaute Reitan Reitan, Gaute Adviser +47-22859496 95962590 Archeology
Picture of Håkon Roland Roland, Håkon Associate Professor +47-22859948 +47-47273257 Numismatics, Archaeology