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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Gaute Reitan Reitan, Gaute Rådgiver +47-22859496 95962590 Archeology
Picture of Håkon Roland Roland, Håkon Associate Professor +47-22859948 +47-47273257 Archaeology, Numismatics
Rødsrud, Christian Løchsen Rådgiver +47-22859408 +47-97641562 Archaeology
Picture of Ingunn Marit Røstad Røstad, Ingunn Marit Associate Professor +47-22859622 Archaeology, jewellery
Picture of Malin Sahlstedt Sahlstedt, Malin Head Engineer +47-90362100
Salomonsen, Renate Administrative Manager +47-22851919 +47-99026818
Picture of Magne Samdal Samdal, Magne Senior Engineer +47-22859378 90862202 Archeology, Iron Age, Viking Age, GIS
Picture of Brynjar Sandvoll Sandvoll, Brynjar Overingeniør +47-22859970
Picture of Almut Schülke Schülke, Almut Associate Professor +47-22851977 +47-94525165 Southern Scandinavian Stone Age, Landscape Archaeology, Theory, History of Research, The Relationship between Archaeology and Art
Simonsen, Margrete Figenschou Forsker +47-22851939 +47-97428876 Archeology
Skauge, Mona Adviser +47-22851953
Picture of Dagfinn Skre Skre, Dagfinn Professor +47-22859565 +47-93029716 Archeology, Viking Age
Picture of Steinar Solheim Solheim, Steinar Førsteamanuensis +47-22851907 Archeology
Picture of Brit Solli Solli, Brit Professor +47-22859566
Steindal, Calin Constantin Forsker +47-22859952
Stene, Kathrine Researcher +47-22851914 Archeology
Stokke, Jo-Simon Frøshaug Adviser
Storbekk, Elin Christine Head Engineer +47-22859506
Swan, Mari Liss Senior Executive Officer +47-22851988 +47-91551095
Sættem, Anette Rådgiver +47-22859943 Archaeology
Picture of Mårten Teigen Teigen, Mårten Head Engineer +47-22859379 Documentation, Photograph
Picture of Espen Uleberg Uleberg, Espen Senior Engineer +47-22859653 Documentation, Databases
Vasstveit, Inger Social anthropology
Picture of Marianne Vedeler Vedeler, Marianne Professor +47-22859569 +4798654089 Archaeology, Textiles and Clothing, Medieval Archaeology, Collection management
Picture of Margunn Veseth Veseth, Margunn Conservator, the Conservation Section +47 22 85 95 10 +47 932 10 107 Conservation