Fellows at MCH

The MCH has today eight PhD research fellow positions, of which two will be announced yearly as being open to any applicants active within the three research fields of the museum. Two of the positions will be reserved for projects connected to research requirements which are part of the administrative responsibility of the MCH, and can in some cases be assigned postdoc projects.

All PhD research fellows have their offices concentrated in a certain a part of the museum, without regard to discipline, and are connected to one or more of the research groups of the MCH. The PhD research fellows of the KHM have a supervisor at the museum, and follow relevant programs for PhD research fellows at the University of Oslo.

The KHM emphasizes that the PhD research fellows have independent projects of high quality, and offers a professionally stimulating working environment. The KHM encourages to international mobility and networking, and constitutes an arena where the PhD research fellows are inspired to think of the dissemination of research results. 

Fellows at MCH

Emily McHale: Development of biomimetic materials for the consolidation of archaeological wood

Vivian Wangen:

Lars Erik Gjerpe: Endring og stabilitet i jernalderens jordbrukssamfunn

Hege Skalleberg Gjerde:

Inger K. Vasstveit:

Kaja Kollandsrud: Evoking the divine. The materiality of sacred polychrome wooden sculpture in Norway from the period 1100–1350

Inger Marie Berg-Hansen: Mennesker, teknologi og kommunikasjon i tidligmesolitikum – teknologiske strategier i en pionerbosetning

Tone Wang:

Mari Østmo:

Geoffrey Gowlland, Postdoc:

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