Exhibitions at the Historical Museum

The Egyptian Mummies

The museum's collection of antiquities includes Norway's oldest and largest collection of Egyptian artefacts.

The Viking Age

The Viking Age Exhibition is closed due to renovation. The new Exhibition opens in December 2018. 

The Medieval Gallery

The Cultural History Museum has a uniquely rich selection of stave church portals, benches, chairs and other high-quality wooden objects from the 12th and 13th centuries.

The Coin Cabinet

The new exhibition Good as Gold marks the 200th anniversary of The Coin Cabinet.

Ethnographic exhibitions

The ethnographic exhibitions give the visitors insight into the lives of the indigenous populations of the Arctic and sub-Arctic areas, North and South America and East Asia.


COLLAPSE – people in an unpredictable world is about what can happen when nature defies human expectations. We try to control nature, but it may force us to see the world anew.