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The Viking Age goes three-dimensional

Are you ready for a museum experience of an extraordinary kind?

In the Viking Ship Museum, a very special museum experience is now under preparation and will be opened to the public in April 2017. A new and unique interactive film takes you back to the Viking Age, and it all happens under the vaulted ceiling of Arnstein Arneberg’s iconic building.

The Vikings alive will be opened to the Public in April 2017. Photo: Storm Studios.

The Museum of Cultural History, Viking Cruises and Storm Films are the creators of this historic project. Together they are making a magnificent interactive film using animation, photorealistic computer animation and shadow play, which is to be shown on the ceiling and back wall of one of the museum’s wings. ‘It feels quite special to stand next to the Tune Ship and experience the Viking Age in this way,’ says Håkon Glørstad, Museum Director. ‘Our goal is to create a unique visual experience that can provide the audience with new knowledge about the Viking Age, but also kindle people’s curiosity about the ships and the other artefacts in the museum.’

Research meets fiction

The interactive film has been created in dialogue between the researchers at the Museum of Cultural History and the computer graphics specialists at Storm Films, known for their animation and special effects in films such as The Troll Hunter, Max Manus and Kon-Tiki. ‘The process has been challenging, yet positive, and we have collaborated closely with the film production company throughout the period. We need to attend to the cinematic dramaturgy, creativity and the audience’s experience, while all details must be correct in light of our current knowledge about the Viking Age,’ says Kine Liholm, Project Manager.

Donation from Viking Cruises

The Vikings aliveThe project has been given the title The Vikings alive, and includes an interactive film and two documentaries that will be shown in the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy from April 2017. The project came to life after a generous donation from the Viking Cruises shipping line. ‘Without donations of this magnitude we have no ability to undertake such development projects. We are therefore delighted that Viking Cruises has taken the opportunity to help enhance the experience enjoyed by visitors to the Viking Ship Museum. This goes to show the importance of broad social contacts for public institutions,’ says Museum Director Håkon Glørstad. ‘Collaboration with external parties will play a key role in the development of exhibitions at the new Viking Age Museum. In 2017 film is a natural and powerful medium of communication in museums. We see that the experience gained from this project will be incredibly important for the further process of establishing the new Viking Age Museum.’

Produced by Storm Studios for the Viking Ship Museum and the Museum of Cultural History. In collaboration with Viking Cruises.

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Digital Viking ship created by Storm Studios. Photo: Storm Studios.


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