SENKU-seminar med Rossella Ragazzi

Perfomativity and Mediatization of Cultural Heritage through Artistic Intervention and Filmmaking in Sápmi

“Kuun metsän Kaisa” by Katja Gauriloff, Finland 2016


Abstract: Films and artistic interventions made by Sámi and/or about Sámi circulate in festivals, galleries, occupied spaces, informal gatherings, museum installations and non-commercial venues. They are mostly produced in contexts of collaboration, experimentation and artistic research and often during long years of circulation in non-definitive form. They convey a complex view of how cultural heritage is imagined, negotiated and constructed. They address or at times contest collective notions of ethnic cultural distinctiveness and indigenous cosmopolitanism, critically exploring and expanding the notion of the Archive.


Rossella Ragazzi (PhD) is Associate Professor at the Department of Cultural Sciences, Tromsø University Museum (The Arctic University of Norway). She is a visual and museum anthropologist and an independent filmmaker. She has worked at the University of Tromsø, Norway, Freie Universität in Berlin, and Dublin Institute of Technology. She has specialized on mobility, childhood, minority-majority relations, memorialisation and museums, and transcultural cinema. She is the author of several prize-winning documentaries - among others: La Mémoire Dure (2000), At Home in the World (2003), Firekeepers (2007) - as well as a number of academic publications - among others the monograph The Transcultural Experience of Migrant Children entering Europe in the years 2000, Peter Lang 2009. She has a forthcoming book, co-edited with Peter I. Crawford: Perceiving Children: Media, Education and Museum in an anthropological perspective, Intervention Press 2018.

Seminaret holdes i seminarrommet i 3. etasje, Historisk museum (Frederiksgate 2b), inngang fra baksiden av bygget. Etter seminaret blir det muligheter til å fortsette diskusjonen i mer uformelle former og til lett servering.


Merk: Denne gangen holdes seminaret på Engelsk.


SENK, Geoffrey Gowlland og Tone Wang
Publisert 20. des. 2017 16:10 - Sist endret 21. des. 2017 14:56