Marina Prusac Lindhagen

Bilde av Marina Prusac Lindhagen
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Besøksadresse Frederiks gate 2 Historisk museum 2. etg.
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I am investigating topics within Classical art history and Roman archaeology. My main interests are:

- Roman art with a focus on sculpture in general and Roman portraits in particular. My main field of research is Roman portraits and issues related the discourses on style, identity, cultural and social context, reuse, recutting, workshop methods, memory, emotions and animation. I am presently working on questions regarding production and reuse, material and context, prototypes, the 'spirit' of images and new methods of visualization in terms of digital and physical exhibitions. I am also exploring how the concept of storytelling can be used in order to mediate ancient art, and problems related to international cultural heritage. 

- I have undertaken research on Roman Dalmatia, Cultural encounters, landscape, globalization and identity in the Eastern Adriatic.

- As the curator of the Antiquity Collection at the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo, I have also expertise within Classical Antiquity studies in the Roman Middle East, which composes the bulk share of the collection.


Aktuelt høsten 2016

- Redigerer antologien Reading Emotions in Ancient Visual Culture. The Semiotics of a Pre-Modern World, sammen med Hedvig von Ehrenheim, Uppsala Universitet og Cambridge University

- Redaktør for CLARA CLassical ARt and Archaeology  



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