Persons tagged with «Iron Age»

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Amundsen, Marie Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22841940 Iron Age, Archaeology, PhD candidate archaeology
Brunstad, Stine Urke Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22841925 PhD candidate archaeology, Iron Age, Runology, Archaeology, Theory and method, Viking Age
Bukkemoen, Grethe Bjørkan Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22851902 Archaeology, PhD candidate archaeology, Iron Age
Cannell, Rebecca Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22841958 Archaeology, Iron Age, Geoarchaeology
Eriksen, Marianne Hem Associate Professor +47-22851928 Archaeology, Iron Age, Viking Age, Bronze Age, Material Culture, Archaeological Method and Theory, Settlement Archaeology
Fredriksen, Per Ditlef Professor +47-22841911 91126749 (mob) +47-91126749 Archaeology, Iron Age, Southern African Archaeology, Theory, Method, Ethnoarchaeology, Critical Heritage Studies
Hedeager, Lotte Professor +47-22841936 45517171 (mob) Archaeology, Iron Age
Kristensen, Steinar Senior Engineer +47-22859676 +47-90178298 (mob) Archaeology, Iron Age, Intrasis, Drones, MUSIT, Board game, Databases, RTI, GIS, RPAS, Field documentation, Photogrammetry
Martens, Jes Associate Professor +47-22851852 +47-90919141 (mob) Iron Age, Settlement Archaeology, Early Iron Age pottery, Armament in the Early Iron Age, Archeology
McGraw, Jessica Leigh Adviser Crafts and Production, Archaeology, Viking Age, Settlement Archaeology, Iron Age, Viking Age Art styles, Insular metalwork, Urbanization
Samdal, Magne Senior Engineer +47-22859378 90862202 (mob) GIS, Archeology, Iron Age, Viking Age