Persons tagged with «Viking Age»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Aannestad, Hanne Lovise Head Engineer +47-22859980 40551565 (mob) Viking Age, Collection management, Archaeology
Bill, Jan Professor +47-22859556 +47-99887225 (mob) Archeology, Viking Age
Brunstad, Stine Urke Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22841925 PhD candidate archaeology, Iron Age, Runology, Archaeology, Theory and method, Viking Age
Eriksen, Marianne Hem Associate Professor +47-22851928 Archaeology, Iron Age, Viking Age, Bronze Age, Material Culture, Archaeological Method and Theory, Settlement Archaeology
Kleivane, Elise + 47 22 85 71 15 (office) + 47 917 84 239 Scandinavian literature, Old Norse Philology, Inscriptions, Book History, Lingustic history, Runes, Epigraphy, Viking Age, Translation Studies, Medieval History
Kool, Anneleen Senior Lecturer +47-22851612 40648061 (mob) +47 40 64 80 61 Ethnobotany, DNA barcoding, Ancient DNA, Viking Age, Caryophyllaceae, Phylogenetics, Plant evolution, Medicinal plants
Lund, Julie Associate Professor +47-22841941 Archaeology, Viking Age
McGraw, Jessica Leigh Adviser Crafts and Production, Archaeology, Viking Age, Settlement Archaeology, Iron Age, Viking Age Art styles, Insular metalwork, Urbanization
Pedersen, Unn Associate Professor +47-22841999 Archaeology, Viking Age, Medieval Studies, Material culture, Craft
Pálsdóttir, Albína Hulda PhD Candidate Zooarchaeology, aDNA, Viking Age, North Atlantic, Domestic mammals, Nordic, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Ancient DNA, Denmark
Samdal, Magne Senior Engineer +47-22859378 90862202 (mob) GIS, Archeology, Iron Age, Viking Age
Sigurdsson, Jon Vidar Professor +47-22841955 97149914 (mob) +47 97149914 Christianity, Medieval Studies, History, Medieval History, Social History, Viking Age, Vikings, Church History, Iceland, Norway, Political culture, Scandinavia, Cultural history
Skre, Dagfinn Professor +47-22859565 +47-93029716 (mob) Archeology, Viking Age
Vike, Vegard Head Engineer - Conservation +47-22859501 (mob) Conservation, Understanding of Objects, Reconstruction, Viking Age, Middle Ages