The Gjellestad excavation

A Viking ship is to be excavated in Norway, for the first time in over one hundred years. The Gjellestad ship will be able to provide completely new knowledge about the Viking Age – thanks to modern technology and new archaeological methods.

Interior of the Viking Ship Museum

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Now you can experience the viking ships OsebergGokstad and Tune, and the exhibitions of VÍKINGRThe Medieval GalleryTransformation, Collapse and America at The Historical Museum, digitally from your mobile phone or computer.

VIKINGR viking exhibition

Digital tour of VÍKINGR

Join Professor Marianne Vedeler on a tour of this unique exhibit, designed by Snøhetta..


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Exterior of the Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum

The world's best preserved viking ships! The Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune ships were originally ocean-going vessels before they were hauled ashore to be used in burial rituals for their rich owners. Study the ships and the Viking treasures up close!  

  • Open Tuesday–Sunday 10:00–16:00, Mondays closed
Gjermundbu helmet Historical museum

The Historical Museum

Make a date with history! See Norway's largest collection of historical artifacts, housed in our beautiful Art Nouveau building. Visit the country’s oldest skull, exquisite Viking treasures, Egyptian mummies and a multitude of ethnographic exhibitions from Africa, to name a few.

  • Open Tuesday–Sunday 10:00–16:00, Mondays closed
  • Closed: May 1 and 17, December 24; 25; 26 and 31


29 Aug.
10:00 AM, The Historical Museum
26 Sep.
10:00 AM, The Historical Museum

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Academic dugnad

News from the Museum of Cultural History

  • dynnasteinen-660 Norwegian rune stones July 1, 2020 9:38 AM

    Various things have happened to rune stones in Norway over the course of history. Here are some examples from the lives of three famous rune stones, now in the collections of the Museum of Cultural History.

  • dronefoto-660 Scanning Hundorp with georadar June 24, 2020 3:01 PM

    In the saga literature, Hundorp in eastern Norway is described as one of the most important pagan cult sites from the late Viking era. Now the area is going to be scanned with georadar for the first time.

The Viking Ship Museum

The Historical Museum

Museum of Cultural History