The jury assessment

About «Naust», the jury says:

«Naust connects the exhibition areas directly to today’s exhibition wings,

and hence the architecture creates a continuous and impressive

sequence of rooms including existing vaults. The new building is a

circular body placed above the ground in the northwest and creates a

connection between the left and north wings of the cross. The gable

roof and the building communicates with the architecture of the existing

building. The placement in the north-western corner enables the

existing building to be experienced almost as it is today when

approaching the museum.»


About «Vikingtiden på ny», the jury says:

«With its unobtrusive and organic design, «Vikingtid på ny» creates a

new museum landscape above and under the ground, adapted to the

site and Arneberg’s architecture.»

«The new building subordinates itself to the existing buildings height

and the building is placed in the north, withdrawn from the existing

building. Being read as part of the landscape, the building does not

compete with the existing architecture. Arneberg’s interiors still

retains its relevance with its entrance and its important functions.»


About «Favn», the jury says:

«The proposal embraces the ships and landscape in a clear

architectural idiom which reaches out to Arneberg’s architecture.»

«Favn subordinate itself to the existing building and style, with wings

and gable roof. The placement in the north-west means that

Arneberg’s architecture appears little changed, seen from today’s

access. Much of the area is placed under ground level at today’s

entrance, so what can be read as new, is of limited scale.»

«The open arms create a space for the museum’s outdoor activities

and may be seen as a generous gesture to the surrounding


Published Apr. 12, 2016 9:31 AM