In memory of Professor Kolbjørn Skaare

Professor Kolbjørn Skaare born in 1931, passed away the 3rd of June.

Portrait of Kolbjørn Skaare from the Coin Cabinet, University of Oslo, painted by Kari Grasmo in 2001. Photo: Kirsten Helgeland.

Kolbjørn Skaare was appointed Assistant keeper at the Coin Cabinet, University of Oslo in 1958, and Professor in 1982. He acted as head of the Coin Cabinet for most of his professional career until his retirement in 2002. Kolbjørn Skaare’s more than 500 publications still inspires colleagues on topics as diverse as Viking Age coinage, medals, Greek and Roman coinage, modern coin design, banknotes and Norwegian monetary history in general. His books Coins and Coinage in Viking­Age Norway (1976), Mynt i Norge (1978), Norsk mynt i 1000 år (2 vols. 1995) and Mynten, myntene og medaljene (The History of the Royal Mint 1806-2004, published 2008) are seminal contributions to the nations knowledge on monetary history.

Kolbjørn Skaare is a former President of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Secretary (1979-1986) and President (1986-1991) of the International Numismatic Commission, member of several National and Nordic boards and has earned a number of Norwegian as well as international awards. His reputation as the Grand Old Man of Numismatics will continue long after his gone.

By Håkon Roland
Published June 6, 2017 10:40 AM - Last modified June 6, 2017 11:03 AM