Persons tagged with «Archeology»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Stine Annette Melvold Melvold, Stine Annette Administrative Manager +47 22851947 +47 90501207 Archeology
Lønaas, Ole Christian Senior Adviser +47 22851854 +47 90805939 Archeology
Persson, Per Åke Professor +47 22851916 Archeology
Picture of Steinar Solheim Solheim, Steinar Associate Professor +47 22851907 Archeology
Picture of Ann Zanette Tsigaridas Glørstad Glørstad, Ann Zanette Tsigaridas Associate Professor +47 22851971 Archeology, Viking Age, Early Medieval Studies, Burial studies, Dress, Cultural transmission, Aesthetics and society
Picture of Hege Damlien Damlien, Hege Associate Professor +47 22851948 Archeology, Mesolithic, Lithic technology
Gjerpe, Lars Erik Associate Professor +47 22859368 +47 97535560 Archeology
Picture of Ingar Mørkestøl Gundersen Gundersen, Ingar Mørkestøl Administrative Manager +47 22859471 Archeology, environmental humanities, climate, climate change, Iron Age, iron production, Settlement Archaeology, Landscape archaeology, Epistemology, resilience theory, societal vulnerability
Picture of Jes Martens Martens, Jes Associate Professor +47 22851852 +47 90919141 Archeology, Iron Age, Settlement Archaeology, Early Iron Age pottery, Armament in the Early Iron Age
Picture of Gaute Reitan Reitan, Gaute Adviser Archeology
Picture of Christian Løchsen Rødsrud Rødsrud, Christian Løchsen Adviser +47 22859408 +47 97641562 Archeology, Iron Age, Pre-Roman Iron Age, Roman period, Migration period, Viking Age, Pottery, Tombs, Settlement traces, Marketplaces
Picture of Margrete Figenschou Simonsen Simonsen, Margrete Figenschou Researcher +47 22851939 Archeology
Stene, Kathrine Researcher +47 22851914 Archeology
Picture of Dagfinn Skre Skre, Dagfinn Professor +47 22859565 +47 93029716 Archeology, Viking Age
Picture of Jan Bill Bill, Jan Professor +47 22859556 +47 99887225 Archeology, Viking Age