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Phone +47 22845751
Visiting address St.Olavsg. 29 0166 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 6762 St. Olavs plass 0130 Oslo


Frode Iversen (1967), Doctor Artium, 2005, Cand. philol, 1997, University of Bergen. Iversen is Professor at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, with responsibilities to Medieval and Prehistoric Rescue Archaeology in South-Eastern Norway. He headed the Department of Archaeology at Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo 2007–2011.

Iversen is a Viking Age specialist in the field of Historical archaeology and geography. His research focusses on kingdom formation in North Europe, the archaeology of assembly places (things) and settlements, and medieval legal systems. In 2009, his team received funding from ERA-NET Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) for The Assembly Project (TAP). Iversen was project leader for TAP, and through 3 years of research, fieldwork and collaborative and comparative work, the group established a critical understanding of the role of the assembly or thing institution in the consolidation and maintenance of collective identities and emergent polities and kingdoms in medieval Northern Europe.

Since 2016, his interest in settlement history and climate has developed, and from 2018, he takes part as principle investigator in a new interdisciplinary climate research group at UiO that received a large five-year grant from NFR TOPPFORSK to study the role of volcanic eruptions and climate change in shaping the early history of Europe (VIKINGS). In the VIKINGS-project, Iversen leads one of the four work packages.

Research interests

  • State formation, early kingship, Northern Europe

  • The archaeology of assembly places and medieval legal systems

  • Rescue archaeology
  • Climate, demographics and settlement history
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