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  • Manninen, Mikael Antonio; Tallavaara, Miikka & Seppä, Heikki (2018). Human responses to early Holocene climate variability in eastern Fennoscandia. Quaternary International.  ISSN 1040-6182.  465-B, s 287- 297 . doi: 10.1016/j.quaint.2017.08.043 Show summary
  • Manninen, Mikael Antonio (2016). The effect of raw material properties on flake and flake-tool dimensions: a comparison between quartz and chert. Quaternary International.  ISSN 1040-6182.  424, s 24- 31 . doi: 10.1016/j.quaint.2015.12.096

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  • Manninen, Mikael Antonio; Hertell, Esa; Pesonen, Petro & Tallavaara, Miikka (2017). Postglacial Pioneer Colonization of Eastern Fennoscandia: Modelling Technological Change, In Håkon Glørstad; Kjel Sten Åke Knutsson; Helena Knutsson & Jan Apel (ed.),  The Technology of Early Settlement in Northern Europe Transmission of Knowledge and Culture (Volume 2).  Equinox Publishing.  ISBN 978-178-17951-6-3.  Chapter. Show summary
  • Tarasov, Alexey; Manninen, Mikael Antonio; Heikkilä, Pasi; Anttiroiko, Niko & Pesonen, Petro (2017). The spread of local materials during initial colonization of Eastern Fennoscandia (the case of lidite).
  • Jensen, Mathias P.B.; Jonuks, Tonno; Bye-Jensen, Peter; Manninen, Mikael Antonio & Riede, Felix (2016). The biography of an Estonian Mesolithic slotted bone dagger. Show summary
  • Manninen, Mikael Antonio (2016). "Something about slotted points" - a 14C dating program.
  • Manninen, Mikael Antonio; Anttiroiko, Niko; Heikkilä, Pasi; Pesonen, Petro & Tarasov, Alexey (2016). In search of a non-destructive way of identifying lidite in archaeological lithic assemblages. Show summary
  • Manninen, Mikael Antonio; Jensen, Mathias P.B.; Riede, Felix; Jonuks, Tonno; Johanson, Kristiina & Bye-Jensen, Peter (2016). A Knife's Tale: A multi-methodological analysis of a Mesolithic slotted bone dagger.
  • Tarasov, Alexey; Manninen, Mikael Antonio; Heikkilä, Pasi; Anttiroiko, Niko; Pesonen, Petro; Zobkov, Mikhail & Potakhin, Maxim (2016). Pioneer interactions. Contacts between Lake Onega and South-Eastern Finland during colonization. Show summary
  • Koskinen, Juuso; Manninen, Mikael Antonio & Vajanto, Krista (2015). Portable CIEL*a*b* spectrophotometer in support of quartz lithic technological analysis. Show summary
  • Manninen, Mikael Antonio (2015). Pioneers of NW Europe - Lithics.
  • Manninen, Mikael Antonio; Daskalaki, Anna Evangelina & Persson, Per (2015). Determining the hidden sources of human colonization of Norway - KHM Pioneers Project. Show summary
  • Manninen, Mikael Antonio; Simponen, Laija; Pesonen, Petro; Kristiina, Mannermaa; Hertell, Esa; Taipale, Noora & Tallavaara, Miikka (2015). The Earliest pioneer settlement in eastern Finland: The Sarvinki-project and the Jokivarsi 1 site.
  • Persson, Per; Manninen, Mikael Antonio & Daskalaki, Anna Evangelina (2015). Pioneers of North-Western Europe. Determining the hidden sources of human colonization of Norway. Show summary
  • Simponen, Laija; Pesonen, Petro; Hertell, Esa; Mannermaa, Kristiina; Manninen, Mikael Antonio; Taipale, Noora & Tallavaara, Miikka (2015). THE EARLIEST PIONEER SETTLEMENT IN EASTERN FINLAND: THE SARVINKI-PROJECT AND THE JOKIVARSI 1 SITE. Show summary

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