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Phone +47-22859562
Mobile phone +47-40102431
Visiting address Frederiks gate 3 None 0164 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 6762 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO


  • Klokkernes, Torunn (2018). Investigating alum-treated wood - introducing the Saving Oseberg research project, In Emily Williams & Emma Hocker (ed.),  Proceedings of the 13th ICOM-CC Group on Wet Organic Archaeological Materials Conference: Florence 2016.  International Council of Museums, ICOM.  ISBN 978-92-9012-436-8.  -.  s 157 - 160
  • Zhu, Lizheng; Ilott, Andrew J.; Del Federico, Eleonora; Kehlet, Cindie; Klokkernes, Torunn & Jerschow, Alexej (2017). 1H NMR study and multivariate data analysis of reindeer skin tanning methods. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry.  ISSN 0749-1581.  55(4), s 312- 317 . doi: 10.1002/mrc.4529
  • Zhu, Lizheng; Del Federico, Eleonora; Ilott, Andrew J.; Klokkernes, Torunn; Kehlet, Cindie & Jerschow, Alexej (2015). MRI and Unilateral NMR Study of Reindeer Skin Tanning Processes. Analytical Chemistry.  ISSN 0003-2700.  87(7), s 3820- 3825 . doi: 10.1021/ac504474e
  • Klokkernes, Torunn (2010). Women’s work: Skin processing in northern hunter – gatherer settlements, In Karen Hardy (ed.),  Archaeological Invisibility and Forgotten Knowledge.  Archaeopress.  ISBN 978-1-4073-0733-6.  BAR International Series 2183.  s 144 - 153
  • Grøn, Ole; Turov, Mikhail & Klokkernes, Torunn (2008). Settling the landscape – settling the land: Ideological aspects of territoriality in a Siberian hunter-gatherer society, In Anders Olofsson (ed.),  Archaeology of Settlements and Landscape in the North.  Vuollerim 6000 år.  ISBN 978-91-977213-1-8.  Vol. 2.  s 57 - 80
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  • Klokkernes, Torunn (2008). Issues in the preservation of manually tanned skin. Conservation, exposition et Restauration d'Objets d'Art.  ISSN 1784-5092.  2
  • Klokkernes, Torunn & Sharma, Nalini (2005). The Roald Amundsen Collection: The Impact of a Skin preparation method on preservation, In J.C.H King; Birgit Pauksztat & Robert Storrie (ed.),  Arctic clothing of North America-Alaska, Canada, Greenland.  The Britsh Museum Press.  ISBN 0-7141-2568-7.  Kapittel.  s x - y
  • Klokkernes, Torunn (1991). The influence of air-pollution on ancient monuments, buildings, and museum objects. PACT (Strasbourg).  ISSN 0257-8727.  s 121- 128

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  • Del Federico, Eleonora; Kehlet, Cindie; Klokkernes, Torunn & Schahbaz, Hiba (2012). Unilateral 1H-NMR comparative study of skin processing technologies in Eurasian arctic and sub-arctic indigenous cultures.
  • Klokkernes, Torunn (2012). Skin processing technology in Eurasian reindeer cultures.
  • Klokkernes, Torunn (2009). Analyse av beredningsmetoder for skinn og pels.
  • Klokkernes, Torunn (2007). Beredning av reinsdyrskinn. Nordsamisk kultur i Finnmark og Evenkisk kultur i Sibir.
  • Klokkernes, Torunn (2007). Deterioration of skin materials.
  • Klokkernes, Torunn (2007). Skin processing technology in Eurasian reindeer cultures. A comparative study in material science of Sàmi and Evenk methods – perspectives on deterioration and preservation of museum artefacts.
  • Klokkernes, Torunn (2007). Women’s work: Skin processing in northern hunter –gatherer settlements.
  • Klokkernes, Torunn & Olli, Anne May (2007). Understanding museum artefacts: The role of tradition bearers and material analysis in investigating skin processing technology.
  • Klokkernes, Torunn (2006). Skinn- og pelsberedning i reinsdyrkulturer. Nordisk Museologi.  ISSN 1103-8152.  1, s 99- 101
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  • Grøn, Ole; Kuznetsov, Oleg & Klokkernes, Torunn (2003). Ost-Sibirien. Begegnungen mit der steinzeit. Archäologie in Deutschland.  ISSN 0176-8522.  (6), s 14- 19
  • Grøn, Ole; Kuznetsov, Oleg & Klokkernes, Torunn (2002). The Tent In The Middle Of The World.
  • Klokkernes, Torunn (2001). Konservering av etnografisk materiale. Historien om Roald Amundsens samling. Norske konserves : medlemsblad for NKF-N.  ISSN 0804-3817.  12(2), s 12- 14
  • Klokkernes, Torunn & Sharma, Nalini (2001). The Roald Amundsen collection – The impact of a skin preparation method on preservation.

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