Educational resources

These resources have been created to support teachers who want to engage with local heritage in general and the Gjoa Haven/ Amundsen collection in particular in their classrooms.

Photo by Robert Wilson, Gjoa Haven 2012.

Without the help, support and varied input from principals, teachers and students at Quqshuun Ilihakvik and Qiqirtaq Ilihakvik these educational resources would never been made, and they would certainly not have looked like this. Thank you all so much!

Any feedback, comments or ideas for improvement are very welcome Please send them to !

School Heritage Fair, Nattilik Heritage Centre style

DIGITAL HERITAGE – Traditional Inuit artefacts between digital portal and community

GJOA HAVEN 1903-1905 Historic photographs

GJOA HAVEN community photography web archive

MEETING ON THE ICE – in Gjoa Haven 1903


TAKE IT PERSONALLY - What stories do our objects tell?

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