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Milestones and organisation

The Museum of Cultural History is operating on the basis of the following milestones in respect of coordination of the construction project, the work to be conducted on securing the ships and artefacts, and the Museum’s own exhibition project:

•        Licence to start the project under the 2020 national budget

•        Planning of new exhibitions 2018-2021

•        Detailed planning will commence in 2020

•        Moving and safe handling of the artefacts will commence in 2019

•        Construction to commence in 2021/2022

•        Production of exhibitions and display solutions will commence in 2021

•        The new museum will be completed in 2025

The project has three phases: 

  1. The construction project, incl. user equipment
  2. Securing the ships and collections - the safe-handling project  
  3. The exhibition project with its museological content

KHM’s project responsibilities are primarily related to the museological content, development of the exhibition concept and work on securing the collections.

These are organised under four sub-projects:

  1. New exhibitions
  2. Communication, branding and commercial profile
  3. Viking Age Research Centre
  4. Safe-handling and climate

Each sub-project will be run by a project manager and will have interdisciplinary groups of professionals involved in research, presentation and management. The sub-projects will be coordinated under a separate programme designed to ensure effective cooperation between the sub-projects and the other parts of the project, headed respectively by the UiO’s Estate Department and Statsbygg. The Museum Director is the project owner and chairs the project steering Committee.

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