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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Karoline Kjesrud Kjesrud, Karoline Associate Professor +47 22851853 Medieval Studies, medieval art, medieval literature, old norse philology, cultural history, plants, botany, farmlife, horses, human-animal
Picture of James Edward Knirk Knirk, James Edward Archaeology, Runology
Picture of Kaja Kollandsrud Kollandsrud, Kaja Associate Professor +47 22859564 400 43 923 Conservation, Medieval Studies, Art technology, Medieval science, Visual culture, Material culture, Polychromy, Reconstruction
Koxvold, Lucia Uchermann Project Manager +47 22851956 +47 91645803
Picture of Johnny Kreutz Kreutz, Johnny Graphic Designer 22 85 99 88 91 39 70 36 +4791397036 Exhibitions, Communication, Graphic design, Web Publishing, Graphic Profile
Kristensen, Andreas Virik Project Manager
Kristensen, Steinar Senior Engineer +47 22859676 +47 90178298 GIS, Archaeology, Field documentation, Intrasis, RPAS, Drones, Iron Age, Board game, Photogrammetry, RTI, Databases, MUSIT
Picture of Tea Kristiansen Kristiansen, Tea Senior Executive Officer +47 93868769 +47 938 68 769 Communication, Social media
Picture of Astrid Kristine Tvedte Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Astrid Kristine Tvedte Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22851942
Picture of Hartmut Kutzke Kutzke, Hartmut Associate Professor +47 22859477
Picture of Jon Røyne Kyllingstad Kyllingstad, Jon Røyne Associate Professor +47 22850629 +4748228253 history, history of science, race, racism, Nationalism, Ethnicity, history of medicine
Larsen, Hege Cathrine Adviser +47 22851954
Larsen, Jorunn Ane Hestenes Senior Adviser +47 22851931
Picture of Kjersti Larsen Larsen, Kjersti Professor +47 22859968 Social Anthropology, Ethnography, Indian Ocean, Northern Sudan, Islam, Rituals and Cosmology, Religion, Mobility and Migration, Gender, Identity, Performativity
Picture of Marina Prusac Lindhagen Lindhagen, Marina Prusac Associate Professor +47 22859945 +47-98432335 Ancient art, Classical archaeology, Classical art history, Roman sculpture, Roman portraits, Emotions, Marble, Dalmatia, the Ustinow Collection
Picture of Eili Lindøe Lindøe, Eili Head Architect +47 22859932 97510783
Lislerud, Anette Senior Adviser +47 22851926 Research administration, External funding, EU, NRC, Research Ethics, Cristin, Data protection
Listerud, Knut Project Manager +47 22851988
Loeshagen, Anne Berit Executive Officer +47 22851917 Administration
Picture of Kjetil Loftsgarden Loftsgarden, Kjetil Associate Professor +47 22851902 +47 99020042 +47 99020042
Picture of Henrik Lorentzen Lorentzen, Henrik Head Engineer +47 22859975
Lønaas, Ole Christian Senior Adviser +47 22851854 +47 90805939 Archeology
Picture of Marit Gamst Markussen Markussen, Marit Gamst Senior Adviser +47 22859758 Human Resources administration, Recruiting, Reporting, Web Publishing
Martens, Irmelin
Picture of Jes Martens Martens, Jes Associate Professor +47 22851852 +47 90919141 Archeology, Iron Age, Settlement Archaeology, Early Iron Age pottery, Armament in the Early Iron Age