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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ellen Marie Næss Næss, Ellen Marie Lecturer +47 22135287 +47 99713602 Viking Age, Archaeology, Norse mythology, Exhibitions, Education
Picture of Dag Erik Færø Olsen Olsen, Dag Erik Færø Adviser +47 90582963
Picture of Kristian Omnes Omnes, Kristian Adviser +47 22859995 Administration, Purchaser
Picture of Laura Juliana Osorio Iregui Osorio Iregui, Laura Juliana Heritage, Material Culture, crafts, South America, indigenous, Cultural policy, History of Art.
Pandey, Karianne Labråten Higher Executive Officer +47 22859333
Pantos, George Alexis Head Engineer
Picture of Arne Aleksej Perminow Perminow, Arne Aleksej Associate Professor +47 22859627 Social anthropology, Ethnography, Museology, Oceania, Polynesia, Tonga, Nature and Society, Material culture, Rituals and Cosmology, Mobility and Migration
Persson, Per Åke Associate Professor +47 22851916 Archeology
Picture of Line Christin Petzold Petzold, Line Christin Conservator +47 4809 7881
Post-Melbye, Julian Robert Adviser +47 22859901
Picture of Gaute Reitan Reitan, Gaute Adviser Archeology
Rekdal, Per Bjørn
Picture of Toril Rokseth Rokseth, Toril Section Manager 95764972
Picture of Håkon Roland Roland, Håkon Professor +47 22859948 +47 47273257 +47 472 73 257 Archaeology, Numismatics, Heritage, Cultural Heritage Crime
Picture of Carine Sofie Rosenvinge Rosenvinge, Carine Sofie Adviser +47 22851930
Picture of Christian Løchsen Rødsrud Rødsrud, Christian Løchsen Adviser +47 22859408 +47 97641562 Archaeology
Røkkum, Arne Kjell
Picture of Ingunn Marit Røstad Røstad, Ingunn Marit Associate Professor +47 22859622 Archaeology, jewellery
Picture of Magne Samdal Samdal, Magne Senior Engineer +47 22859378 Archeology, Iron Age, Viking Age, GIS
Picture of Anette Sand-Eriksen Sand-Eriksen, Anette Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Brynjar Sandvoll Sandvoll, Brynjar Administrative Manager +47 90056302
Schildt, Ulla Marianne Head Engineer
Picture of Almut Schülke Schülke, Almut Professor +47 22851977 +47 94525165 Archaeology, Stone Age, landscape archaeology, ritual, burial, mobility
Picture of Nalini Sharma Sharma, Nalini Konservator / Overingeniør +47-22859977 / +47-22859521
Picture of Margrete Figenschou Simonsen Simonsen, Margrete Figenschou Researcher +47 22851939 Archeology