Creativity and Innovation in a World of Movement (completed)

The Creativity and Innovation research project focusses on how globalising forces may stimulate or hamper creative forms of cultural production.

About the project

  • It does so through two interrelated strands: 1. Distinct, changing and possibly conflicting local, translocal and transnational discourses of creativity. 2. Concrete and interlinked creative practices across five continents: Europe, India, Africa, Australia and the Americas/Caribbean.
  • The central assumption is that creativity should not be measured by assessing the relative novelty of end products, a rather particular Modernist construct of creativity, but rather by exploring practices of dynamic improvisation as part of ongoing processes of cultural production, appropriation, consumption and (re)contextualisation. These processes take place within broader social fields in which distinct notions of creativity may co-exist, merge or clash with alternative discourses of cultural value.
  • The research analyses dynamic improvisation by focussing on:
    1.    Contemporary artists, road side artists and producers of popular religious images who recycle, appropriate and merge globally circulating styles and images.
    2.    Curators and project leaders in cultural centres, museums and religious organisations who, interacting with the object/image producers, recontextualise their products, aiming to stimulate innovative forms of transnational cooperation and interculturalism.


The project is a three year HERA-funded collaboration from 2010-12 between the following European research institutions:

  • School of History and Anthropology, Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.
  • Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.
  • Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, Norway. 

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Tags: Cultural creativity, Aesthetics and society, Materiality, Globalisation, Innovation, Art and society, Representations
Published Nov. 15, 2012 3:01 PM - Last modified Feb. 18, 2015 8:09 PM


  • Øivind Fuglerud
  • Stine Bruland
  • Tereza Kuldova
  • Arnd Schneider
  • Project Leader; Dr. Maruška Svašek
  • Dr. Leon Wainwright
  • Maria Øien
  • Prof. Birgit Meyer
Detailed list of participants