3D objects

Do you want to see the scanned objects from the Oseberg find? Here you can find a small selection.

Rotatable 3D-PDFs are obtained after 3D-scanning the objects. The 3D-PDFs are available in a large and a small version, are downloadable and can be opened in Adobe Acrobat; the files cannot be opened on tablets or cell phones. See how to use the 3D-PDF here.


Small wooden animal head

The head, which is broken around the neck, is most likely a fragment of a larger object. The animal has its mouth open with visible teeth and a clear nose.


Wooden cask

The wooden cask or scoop has an oval shape. The handle is decorated with a zigzag pattern and the other end of the cask has two animal heads; only one of them is intact.

Wooden cup


This little birch cup was full of small seeds when it was found. 

Rod with Runic inscriptions

The rod has an inscription that can be read as litiluisan; litil is seen as a single word; meaning small. One possible interpretation for the inscription is "man knows little".

Dog head stick

This wooden stick contains a carved dog head at each end and a 4 cm long slit on the top; the upper side is curved and the underside is flat. This stick was probably attached to something else. 

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