Participants in Saving Oseberg

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Louis Boumans Guest researcher +47 22859685
Susan Braovac Associate Professor, Conservation of organic archaeological materials 22 85 93 40 47370338 (mob)
Fabrizio Andriulo
Calin Constantin Steindal Researcher +47 22859952
Angeliki Zisi Head Engineer +47 22859507 Archaeological wood, Archaeological artefacts, Archeological conservation, Wood identification, Underwater excavation, In situ protection
Stephen Ernest Harding Adjunct Professor
Bjarte Einar Aarseth Senior Engineer +47 22135297 +47 41451115 Oseberg ship, Viking ship. Gokstad ship, Woodcarving, The Oseberg wagon, The Oseberg bed, 3D scanning
Justin Kimball Head Engineer +47 22851910

Other participants