The following publications resulting from the project conferences and research are published or forthcoming:

  • Edited volume 2014: Birgit Meyer and Maruška Svašek (eds.)  Creativity in Transition: Politics and Aesthetics of Circulating Images Berghahn Publishing
  • Stine Bruland, 2013: "Transgressing Religious Boundaries. The Power of aesehthics in Tamil Hindu and catholic Prayer",  Journal of Material Religion
  • Edited volume 2013: Tereza Kuldova and Angela M. Jansen (eds.)  Fashion ‘In’-Fusion: Negotiating Synthetic Modernities, Berghahn Publishing
  • Edited volume 2013: Øivind Fuglerud and Leon Wainwright (eds.) Objects and Imagination; Perspectives on Meaning and Materialization Berghahn Publishing
  • Øivind Fuglerud, 2012: "Art and Ambiguity – An Extended Review of Border Zones at the Museum of Anthropology, British Columbia",  Museum Anthropology, Vol. 35, Iss. 2 Wiley-Blackwell, Pp. 170 – 184.
  • Tereza Kuldova, 2012; "Fashionable Erotic Masquerades: Of Brides, Gods and Vamps in India".  Critical Studies of Fashion and Beauty Vol. 2, Iss. 2. Pp 1 – 19
  • Arnd Schneider, 2012: "Beyond Appropriation: Significant Overlays in Guaraní-inspired Designs", Journal of Material Culture Vol.  17(4)
  • Øivind Fuglerud,  2011: "Aesthetics of martyrdom – the celebration of violent death among the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam". In Nerina Weiss and Maria Six-Hohenbalken (eds.): Violence expressed. Ashgate Publishing Farnham, pp. 71-90
  • Stine Bruland, 2011: "Making Home(s). Repères générationnels et nationalisme comme instruments de making home(s) , ”faire son chez-soi” chez les activistes politiques de la diaspora tamoule de Norvège", Hommes et migrations, Vol. 1291
  • Stine Bruland, 2011: "Nationalism as meaningful life projects in transnational Tamil families",  Ethnic and Racial Studies, iFirst.
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