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Thing Site Project Hove-Hundorp

What kind of place was Hundorp in Gudbrandsdalen in pre-Christian times?

Illustration of a burial mounds.

Through extensive surveys in and around Hundorp and the neighboring farm Hove, we try to map the cultural heritage landscape and shed light on what kind of place this was. Was Hove a pre-Christian cult site? How old are the burial mounds? Is Hundorp only one of many large farms that stand out in the Viking Age, or was it really the seat of the powerful Viking Age Gubrandr dynasty?

By combined use of georadar, multispectral drone, archive studies, trial trenching and core drilling we aim at providing a better understanding of the Iron Age ruler site at Hundorp – and the significance attributed to it in the medieval Norse sagas. 


This research project is a collaboration between NTNU University Museum, Innlandet County Administration, Sør-Fron Municipality and The Museum of Cultural History. The project is partly financed by the collaborating partners and external contributors and is planned to conclude in 2022.

Published May 26, 2022 7:30 PM - Last modified May 30, 2022 10:36 AM