Individual project 1: Creating kingdoms in the Middle Ages

IP1 - Creating Kingdoms in the Middle Ages - Rethinking the Role of Assembly Sites - will focus on how supra-regional royal power established solid administrative systems in new subordinated provinces and conquered kingdoms.

Jelling, Denmark.

This part of TAP offers an overarching study that seeks to model emergent complex power systems in proto-states in Northern Europe. It will establish, via eight case studies in Scandinavia and medieval Germany, the role of the thing institution as a stimulus and propagator of supra-regional royal power systems in Northern Europe in the Middle Ages.

Two proto-governmental structures

The project will focus on the two kinds of proto-governmental structures: (1) the areas dominated by the kings’ dynastic property and (2) the areas with a high density of property belonging to royal office. Assembly locations will be compared with cultural key features in the landscape, e.g. boundaries, burial sites, and farmsteads, as well as topographic features.

Two PhD-projects

IP1 includes two PhD projects. The PhD students will be supervised by PI Dr. Frode Iversen and Prof. Ingvild Øye, University of Bergen.

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