Individual project 2: Landscape, authority and power

IP2 - Landscape, Authority and Power: past and current understandings of assembly places and structures in Britain and Europe - will investigate past and current scholarship, emphasising divergences in assembly practices and structures as well as shared traditions and themes at a NW European level, AD 400-1300.

The Heidelberger thing site, Germany, one of 40 thing sites constructed during the period of National Socialism.

Dr. Sarah Semple will establish a new critical understanding by means of selective, historiographic research on the treatment of assembly as a research theme - exploring how assembly has been valorised in differing strands of scholarship and used as evidence to support ideas of nationhood, legitimate authority, migratory patterns and shared ethnic descents.

The dynamics of assembly and political organisation

Building on this critical base of knowledge, but also interlocking with the project core research themes, the PhD project will focus on advancing our understanding of the dynamics of assembly and political organisation in areas of impact, colonisation and social flux.

Assemblies in emerging kingdoms

By means of a study of assembly organisation in Northern England in AD 400-1100 this study will analyze the role of individual assemblies in newly settled areas and emerging kingdoms; how they were used to consolidate territorial identities; and how they were used to mediate control in regions with indigenous and migrant groups?

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