Individual project 3: The Thing in the North

The Thing in the North, its mercantile aspects and the implications (AD 800-1500) 

IP3 will analyze the mercantile aspects of assembly sites and their effects, focusing on economic activities, such as trade, craft and exchange, at or near thing sites.

Daleting, Shetland.

Foreign traders

These activities involved different ethnic and social groups and had implications both for local societies and foreign traders, whose businesses were regulated by the assembly.

Assembly sites as sites for trade

Dr. Natascha Mehler will analyze how assembly sites were used for trade, what kind of mercantile aspects were connected to assembly sites, what infrastructure lies behind the establishment of an assembly site, how assembly sites topographically relate to trading sites and what all this implied for local societies and foreigners.

New fieldwork will be carried out together with Sanmark in e.g. Shetland and Iceland. Previously excavated material, as well as written sources, will also be re-evaluated.

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