Metal detecting - how we save our archaeological heritage

Dr Sam Moorhead will visit the Religion and Money Research Group-Seminar, Museum of Cultural History in Oslo and talk about 'Metal detecting - how we save our archaeological heritage'. And he has promised to pay special attention to finds from religious contexts. 

17 Marz 14:00

Dr Sam Moorhead enjoying himself with finds of Caurausius-antoniani

For the Portable Antiquities Scheme, his main responsibilities are to ensure the quality of the records entered and to initiate and carry out research on the data. Initial analysis has shown that the database of 45,000 Roman coins contains highly important assemblages which are both reliable and valid for research purposes.

Sam Moorhead taught Classics and Archaeology for many years before joining the Museum in 1997 as Staff Lecturer for Archaeology. He was on the team that made the award-winning Virtually the Ice Age website for Creswell Crags, and he produced a CD-Rom with Channel 4, Roman Journeys. Having worked in interpretation for galleries and exhibitions, such as Persia and Michelangelo, for three years, he joined the Department of Britain, Europe and Prehistoryin July 2006.

Portable Antiquity Scheme


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