The project and the people

Religion and Money: Economy of Salvation in the Middle Ages won a grant with the Norwegian Research Council in 2013. Since then quite a few people have been involved. Members of the core-group has met regularly at workshops, conferences, congresses and so forth. A few photographs provide telling insight into some of the activities we have been involved with.

EAA, Istanbul, September 2014: Terje Hellan (front, left), Svein H Gullbekk, Henriette Rensbro, Jens Christian Moesgaard, Giles Gasper, Jon Anders Risvaag and  Mariangela Puglisi.


The Archbishop's Palace in Nidaros: Henrik Klackenberg (left), Jens Christian Moesgaard, Nanouschka Myrberg Burström, Gitte Tarnow Ingvardsson. Workshop, Trondheim, April  2014.


Helen Foxhall-Forbes (in the middle), Benedikt Zäch (left) and Jon Anders Risvaag charing the discussions. Seminar, Oslo May 2015.


Håkon Roland and archival material from the excavations of the Eidskog church, autumn 2015.


Seminar Oslo, 2014.


J.A.Risvaag and S.H. Gullbekk lobbying members of the local organizing committee, September 2015.


C. Kilger in a refugium at Naxos, October 2015.


Workshop in Oslo, 2014: Jens Christian Moesgaard (far right), Jon Anders Risvaag, Nanouschka Myrberg Bürström, Anette Sættem, Christoph Kilger, Giles Gasper (hidden behind Kilger), Eeva Jonsson, Alf Tore Hommedal, Peter Bjerregaard, Svein H Gullbekk (standing)


Giles Gasper seeking inspiration, EAA Istanbul, September 2014.


Jon Anders Risvaag studying coins from Høre stave church in the Coin Collection in Oslo.


Project dinner with participants at the Religion and Money-session organized by Jon Anders Risvaag: 'Forming medieval identities: Saints and sinners and the ritual use of money' at the EAA, Istanbul, September 2014: Anette Sættem (front left), Giles Gasper, Henriette Rensbro, Martin Allen, Frida Ehrensted, Terje Hellan, Linn Eikje, Jens Christian Moesgaard, Svein H Gullbekk

By Svein
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