Runic Bibliography for 2009

Nytt om runer

Each month new entries will be marked * and printed in boldface. The following month they will be printed in boldface. Marking will be removed after two months.
An asterisk (*) and boldface mark now new entries in September 2011.

  • From Ephesos to Dalacarlia: Reflections on Body, Space and Time in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Eds. Elisabet Regner, Cecilia von Heijne, Laila Kitzler Åhfeldt, and Anna Kjellström. The Museum of National Antiquities, Stockholm, Studies 11; Stockholm Studies in Archaeology 48. Stockholm: Statens historiska museum; Institutionen för arkeologi och antikens kultur, Stockholms universitet, 2009. [ISBN 978-91-89176-37-9.]
  • Thedéen, Susanne. "A Desirable, Deceitful or Disastrous Death: Memories of Men and Masculinities in Late Viking Age Runic Inscriptions." In From Ephesos to Dalecarlia, 57-82.
  • Åhfeldt, Laila Kitzler. "The Rune Stone Fragments at Köpingsvik, Öland." In From Ephesos to Dalecarlia, 83-100
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