Participants in Centre for Viking-Age Studies (ViS)

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Ann Zanette Tsigaridas Glørstad Associate Professor +47 22851971 Archeology, Viking Age, Early Medieval Studies, Burial studies, Dress, Cultural transmission, Aesthetics and society
Dagfinn Skre Professor +47 22859565 +47 93029716 (mob) Archeology, Viking Age
Jan Bill Professor +47 22859556 +47 99887225 (mob) Archeology, Viking Age
Frode Iversen Professor +47 22845751
Unn Pedersen Associate Professor +47 22841999 Archaeology, Viking Age, Medieval Studies, Material culture, Craft
Hanne Lovise Aannestad Senior Engineer +47 22859980 +4740551565 (mob) Archaeology, Collection management, Viking Age
Marianne Vedeler Professor +47 22859569 +4798654089 Archaeology, Textiles and Clothing, Medieval Archaeology, Food culture, Collection management
Svein Harald Gullbekk Professor +47 22859946 +4791534240 (mob) Numismatics, medieval history, coinage, coin-finds, medieval monetization
Marianne Hem Eriksen Associate Professor +47 22851928 Archaeology, Iron Age, Viking Age, Bronze Age, Material Culture, Archaeological Method and Theory, Settlement Archaeology
Marie Ødegaard Adviser +47 92425068 (mob)
Klaudia Karpinska Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859595 Arkeologi, Archaeology, Arkeozoologi, Archaeozoology, Vikingtid, Viking Age, Vikingtids graver, Viking Age Graves, Graver, Graves
Kristel Zilmer Associate Professor +47 22859543 Runology, Epigraphy, Textual Cultures, Old Norse philology, Iconography, Archaeological artefacts, Visual and material culture, Reception Studies
Ingar Mørkestøl Gundersen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859471 +47 99038262 (mob) Archeology, environmental humanities, climate, climate change, Iron Age, iron production, Settlement Archaeology, Landscape archaeology, Epistemology, resilience theory, societal vulnerability
Marianne Moen Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22850360 Archaeology, PhD candidate archaeology
Hartmut Kutzke Associate Professor +47 22859477 +4797985024 (mob)
Karoline Kjesrud Associate Professor +47 22851853 +4791829094 (mob) Medieval Studies, medieval art, medieval literature, old norse philology, cultural history, plants, botany, farmlife, horses, human-animal
Kjetil Loftsgarden Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22851902 +47 99020042
Mari Arentz Østmo Adviser +47 22859845 +47 97128410 (mob) Archaeology
Christian Løchsen Rødsrud Project Manager +47 22859408 +47 97641562 (mob) Archaeology
Luka Natassja Olsen Research Assistant
Iver Neumann Professor II +47 22854842
Vivian Wangen Researcher +47 22859649 Archaeology
Grethe Bjørkan Bukkemoen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22841919 Archaeology, PhD candidate archaeology, Iron Age
Lars Erik Gjerpe Associate Professor +47 22859368 +47 97535560 (mob) Archeology
Espen Uleberg Administrative Manager +47 22859653 +47 90995091 (mob) Documentation, Databases
Steinar Kristensen Senior Engineer +47 22859676 +47 90178298 (mob) GIS, Archaeology, Field documentation, Intrasis, RPAS, Drones, Iron Age, Board game, Photogrammetry, RTI, Databases, MUSIT
Magne Samdal Senior Engineer +47 22859378 +4790862202 (mob) Archeology, Iron Age, Viking Age, GIS
Louis Boumans Project Manager +47 22859425 Project management, H2020
Ingunn Marit Røstad Associate Professor +47 22859622 Archaeology, jewellery