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Research groups

The MCH research groups are solidly anchored in the the research strategy of the museum. They are annually granted funds from the MCH Research Council, to promote collective activities that develop the subjects under study. Each research group have several projects that interact and contribute to a dynamic development of the work undertaken.



  • Settlement and Landscape in the Iron Age Settlement and Landscape in the Iron Age

    The research team aims to strengthen research on landscape utilisation and settlement history in the Iron Age (BC 500- 1000 AD), and link this more closely to the results from the Museum of Cultural History (MCH) excavations.


    • The Economy of Salvation in the Middle Ages The Economy of Salvation in the Middle Ages

      The aim of the project “The Economy of Salvation in the Middle Ages” is to get closer to an understanding of individuals practising their religion in their encounter with the church, priest and Catholic liturgy.


      • Stone Age Coastal Landscapes Stone Age Coastal Landscapes

        The research group is closely connected to the archaeological investigations within the E18-project Rugtvedt-Dørdal, Bamble, Telemark. However, the topics discussed are of interest to all researchers interested in Stone Age and coastal studies.


        • Centre for Viking-Age Studies (ViS) Centre for Viking-Age Studies (ViS)

          The Centre for Viking-Age Studies (ViS) is working on a number of projects on the Viking Age, aiming to explore the extensive changes in the Scandinavian societies in the period AD 700-1100.