- Organisation of Workshop "Coastal mobility/coast-inland mobility in hunter-gatherer societies", October 8th-10th, 2019, University of Oslo, Museum of Cultural History (as part of IRN PrehCOAST)

- Two talks at the international workshop "Exploring the Coast - Sounding out the Past", Brest, 2.-3. December 2020:

1) Berg-Hansen, Inger Marie; Mjærum, Axel; Roalkvam, Isak; Solheim, Steinar & Schülke, Almut (2020). Coast-concepts in Norwegian Stone Age archaeology.

2) Schülke, Almut; Solheim, Steinar; Roalkvam, Isak; Mjærum, Axel & Berg-Hansen, Inger Marie (2020). New Perspectives on Old Shores: Current approaches on the Stone Age in Eastern Norway.