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Stone Age Coastal Landscapes

The research group is closely connected to the archaeological investigations within the E18-project Rugtvedt-Dørdal, Bamble, Telemark. However, the topics discussed are of interest to all researchers interested in Stone Age and coastal studies.

Photo: Museum of Cultural History, UiO / Tom Heibreen

By discussing the project issues with external and internal academics in open seminars, the research group has formed a scientific research platform for the project and for interested colleagues. The goal is to provide new and partly interdisciplinary perspectives on Stone Age research and to disseminate the findings of the rescue excavation project at national and international level. The research group will also contribute to enhance the scientific potential and results of the project. Seminars are open to all interested scholars and students.

The research team discusses the Stone Age coastlines in a macro and micro perspective, under the following themes:

  • A critical discussion of the term “coast”
  • A critical discussion of the concept of settlement in Stone Age research (e.g. structures, activity zones, deposition patterns and taskscapes)
  • The relationship between coast and inland
  • Settlement patterns in the Stone Age

These themes touch upon social, economic, cosmological and taphonomic aspects of Stone Age societies from a diachronic and contemporary perspective. Research from other disciplines, such as anthropology, ethnology, history and/or natural sciences, is sought to be integrated into the discussion.

Open seminars are regularly held with external key speakers from the field. An international workshop "The Coastal Landscapes of the Mesolithic" will be held in Oslo in November 2016, which will result in an English-language anthology.

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