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The Red Room

The Red Room is situated in the building that the Museum of Cultural History possesses at Økern at the outskirts of Oslo and is a place where the research groups and project groups can gather in order to work focused together during time that is ear-marked for this kind of work. The cross-disciplinary working environment at Økern provides an arena with optimal possibilities for the unification of research, curating and public outreach.

The Red Room is a facility for all researchers at the Museum of Cultural History, for those with a time share formally dedicated to research in their position and for those that the department leaders decide to grant a certain amount of time to undertake research tasks. Groups of researchers can include members that are not employed at the Museum of Cultural History. Researchers that work alone, as well as groups, can apply for stays in The Red Room for a maximum of 3 months for the purpose of fulfilling research tasks with a defined objective. Time that is spent in The Red Room is considered as 100% research time and will be counted as such irrespective of whether the researchers have a formal share of research time or time granted by the department leaders.

Two rooms with altogether four working spaces with computers are at all times reserved for The Red Room. Adjacent to these are four available rooms for those who need more space, as long as the request does not lead to conflict with other research needs located at Økern. In addition, the research groups in The Red Room have access to a meeting room that is suited for seminars.

The Museum of Cultural HistoryResearch Council is considering applications for stays in The Red Room. Employées at the Museum of Cultural Historycan apply here.

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