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Opening – De Te Fabula Narratur (It's You The Story Is About)

Queer lives and stories have throughout the ages often been kept secret and invisible by society - something that still happens in large parts of the world. The stories of the people in this exhibition have in common the desire to have a safe room. A place you can be yourself.

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Welcome to the digital opening of De Te Fabula Narratur in the PRIDE month of June!

In this group exhibition, you enter into non-linear time travel that spans over 200 years, from the early 1800s into the future. 1820s England did not look favorably on homosexuality either socially or legally. Anne Lister (1791-1840) from Halifax challenged prejudice and is regarded as a modern lesbian icon today. Despite the fact that in the 1920s it was a criminal offense to be gay in Norway, Ole O. Troldmyr (1888-1967) held fabulous parties in his villa in Holmenkollen. The condom manufacturer's life was full of secrets and mysteries. In Norway in 2021, there is a high degree of visibility and acceptance for most queer people in society, but LGBT + people in many countries in the world still experience discrimination and oppression.

It may seem coincidental how these artistic and fabled queer stories belong in the same exhibition, where the boundaries between what is true or fictional, slide into one another. The works in De Te Fabula Narratur share the different artists' search for underlying stories, and the interest in archives and diaries, but also the bodily presence.

The stories that unfold might just as well have been about you?

The exhibition is produced and curated by Kunstplass on behalf of and in collaboration with the Historical Museum, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo.

The participating artists are

Maria Sundby, Liv Kristin Holmberg, Hamid Waheed, Ester Fleckner, Martine Næss Johansen, Siri Lindstad, Christie van Zyl, Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, Michael Yerxa og Mark Kenneth Woods.


Opening ceremony by museum director Håkon Glørstad, Rector Svein Stølen and curator Vibeke Hermanrud.

Join us digitally!

The event takes place on Facebook Live, visit the event page for the exhibition opening on Facebook to find a link to participate.

Published June 2, 2021 12:18 PM - Last modified June 2, 2021 12:18 PM