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The red pill: A panel discussion about rightwing antifeminism on the web and the use and misuse of classical antiquity

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Donna Zuckerbergs book Not all Dead White Men explores "The red pill movement". This is a virtual community, where women's liberation is considered a deadly threat to Western civilization, and where classical Greek and Roman literature is used to legitimize sexual abuse, control women's sexuality and advocating the restoration of white male’s dominant position in the world.

Taking the book as a starting point, the panel will discuss the use and abuse of history and of the classic cultural heritage, the importance that social media has had for the emergence of modern right-wing movements, the relationship between misogyny and racism, similarities and differences between Europe and the United States, and last but not least: how can and should we handle these issues?

The conversation will be in English, and the panel consists of:

  • Donna Zuckerberg: Silicon Valley-based classic-philologist and editor of the Eidolon site
  • Elisabetta Cassina Wolff: Associate Professor in History at UiO. Expert on fascism and high radicalism in Europe.
  • Øystein Strømmen: Journalist and author of books "The Dark Web: About Right-wing extremism, Contra-jihadism and terror in Europe"
  • Jorunn Økland: Doctor of Theology, Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanist Gender Research at UiO and Director of the Norwegian Institute in Athens.

Chair: Jon Røyne Kyllingstad: Associate Professor in University and Science History, KHM / UiO.

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