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Angels from Hell

Hells Angels is a photo exhibition shown in collaboration with photographer Marcel Leliënhof. For many people, the Easy Rider stereotype, idolizing “the free life” outside society, is an important symbol of freedom. During the photography festival “Nordic Light” in Kristiansund in April 2013, attempts were made to ban this exhibition.

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Photo: Museum of Cultural History, UiO / Toril Cecilie Skaaraas Hofseth

The exhibition also highlights the controversies that this exhibition aroused, by being part of the bicentennial celebration of the Norwegian Constitution. The photos also appear in the book Helvetes Engler - En bikeroddyssee (Font forlag 2014). The motocycle brotherhood has never before been portrayed from the inside. The exhibition and the book give a unique glimplse into a closed and controversial male fellowship, clouded in myth and legend. Club house mementos and a custom made Harely Davidson are parts of the show.

From Hells Angels you walk into The Forbidden Lounge.

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