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Pride is a photo exhibition portraying gay history and the democratic struggle for gay rights from 1972 to the present.

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Pride. Photo: Museum of Cultural History, UiO / Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty

Leaving Minus Five, we enter Pride, which documents the history of the struggle for gay rights in Norway.

For the first time we here present a chronological caleidoscope of the political efforts, street demonstrations, parties and gatherings that were carried out by the gay communities and other supporters of gay rights. This material has been compiled from the archives of Leif Pareli of The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, the gay publication Blikk and The National Archives of Norway.

Pride will also be one of the main attractions during EuroPride 2014 in Oslo in June. A number of Pride House events, hosted by "Skeiv Ungdom", will be held at the Historical Museum.

Leaving Pride you enter Hells Angels.

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