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The Arena of Freedom

The Arena of Freedom is at the heart of our exhibition. This heart will pump a steady stream of ideas, themes, knowledge and questions into lectures, debates and performances.

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The Arena of Freedom. Photo: Museum of Cultural History, UiO / Toril Cecilie Skaaraas Hofseth

The Many faces of Freedom?

As you enter the Arena of Freedom, you meet the stares of many faces. Beautiful as well frightening objects from our collection have been chosen because of their personal appeal; decorated skulls from Pagua-New Guinea, shrunken heads from Ecuador, ceremonial masks from Sri Lanka, painted sculptures from Medieval Norway and grave busts from Syria.

The "Thing" wall presents fresh findings from The Assembly Project, a group of scholars who have been investigating the development of the so-called "thing" assemblies in northern Europe, the origins of representative government.

The Debate Arena is at the heart of the arena. We have invited a number of interesting people and creative souls to show us what freedom means to them. We will open for debates about the limits of freedom. How far can we go?

In the Arena of Freedom. This spring, the venues will take place Tuesdays through Thursdays, beginning with guided tour at 17:00 and followed by a lecture, debate or other event.

Leaving The Arena of Freedom you enter Minus Five.

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