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"We paint the Stories of our Culture" – Australian Aboriginal Art from the Dreamtime to the Art Gallery.

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Crocodille Eye by Patricia Marrfurra.

”We paint the stories of our culture” says Patricia Marrfurra, one of the artists represented in this exhibition, adding ”We have been listening to the white fella`s stories for a long time and it is now time for them to listen to and share our stories.” Art produced by Australian Aborigines is receiving increased recognition in the art world. Their works are now displayed and sold in art galleries worldwide. This gives Aboriginal artists a voice.

Aboriginal art is based on the artists interpretation of their own traditions, stories and spirituality, and is always accompanied by design stories narrated by the artists themselves. In this way, Aboriginal artists communicate their cultural identity, their way of life and their sense of belonging to a particular place to an audience that is largely non-Aboriginal.

Although most of the objects in this exhibition were produced as contemporary art for sale, Aboriginal art is based on a traditional and culturally-specific means of expression. The development of Aboriginal art is affected by the artists‚ past and present circumstances, their personal creativity, and the contexts in which their art circulates.

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