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Tunga and Coolamon

The Tunga and Coolamon are containers used to carry bush tucker. The bark Tunga comes from the Tiwi Islands. The Coolamon is made of wood and is used all over Central and Northern Australia.

The Tunga in this exhibition is of traditional size and shape. In the case of the Coolamon, however, the artist has created a souvenir/art object that is much smaller than the actual container it is based on. Both containers are decorated with patterns inspired by ceremonial body paintings.

Bildet kan inneholde: tradisjonelle koreanske musikkinstrumenter, koto, indiske musikkinstrumenter, kobber.
Tunga, bark container. Lorraine Babui.
Bildet kan inneholde: tre.
Bildet kan inneholde: mønster, utskjæring, arkitektur, tekstil.
Bark. Kieren Karritpul McTaggart.

The painting, by an artist from the Fitzmaurice region, is his interpretation of the structure of the bark of the trees that Coolamons are made from.

Despite differences in media and personal styles, the three objects clearly illustrate the connections be- tween different regions of Australia. All three are examples of how traditional objects are made in new and creative ways now that they are appreciated and sold as works of art.

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