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  • The Norwegian Rain Forest Foundation
  • Comissão Pró Yanomami - CCPY. Brazilian association for Yanomami rights.
  • The Norwegian program for indigenous peoples (brutt lenke: - administered by FAFO and financed by NORAD
  • Yanomamiindianerne (brutt lenke: - møte med et brutalt storsamfunn (In norwegian)
  • About the Yanomami (brutt lenke: Amanaka'a Amazon Network
  • Xawara - The Cannibal Gold and the Falling of the Sky (brutt lenke:, Davi Kopenawa Yanomami
  • After the fire: Yanomami drawings exhibited in New York.
  • Yanomami Forest fires (brutt lenke: Photo series by John Maier of The Image Works
  • Yanomami kinship: Tutorial by Brian Schwimmer based on the work of Jacques Lizot and Napoleon Chagnon
  • Yanomamo Interactive: Understanding the Ax Fight . CD-rom preview on the web
  • Warriors of the Amazon: Teachers guide to a NOVA film on the Yanomami, based on the work of anthropologist Jacques Lizot and film maker Andy Jillings
  • The earth has no brother: New film on the Yanomami in the series "A tribute to life", produced by NRK in collaboration with the Rain Forest Foundation.
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