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The forest

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Davi Kopenawa Yanomami says:

The white men think that nature is something dead, placed on earth for no reason. They are wrong. We call nature urihi - our land, our forest - it is the old sky that fell to earth at the beginning. We know that it is alive, that it has a very long breath of life, much longer than ours. It does not die and rot like humans. With the breath of the spirit of the earth maxitari the forest becomes beautiful, rain falls on it, and there is always wind. It breathes, though you don't notice it. Its breath is hidden in the ground, down where it is moist and fresh. The forest is also covered with mirrors upon which the xapiripe spirits walk, play, chase one another, dance, or fight. The mountains are theirs homes, therefore the forest is their yard. But the ground we walk on is dirty for them - they rise above the ground on mirekop mirrors. Thus there are mirrors for the spirits of monkeys, tapirs, snakes, macaws, coatis, songbirds... They are very luminous and decorated with drawings painted with red dye of annato. They look like jaguar skins cowered with shiny white down.

Published Dec. 21, 2020 1:31 PM