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Permanent exhibitions

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Exhibitions opens at March 12, 2020.

Get close up to feelings that are thousands of years old. Our new exhibition displays emotions across time and space.

A copy of the Virgin Mary from Hedalen

The exhibition in the Medieval Gallery displays religious artefacts as well as everyday objects.

mummie from the exhibition

The museum's collection of antiquities includes Norway's oldest and largest collection of Egyptian artefacts.

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Our exhibition contains some of the most exquisite objects that we have from the Norwegian Viking Age. Become acquainted with Viking war culture and their journeys, and how society changed during the Viking era.

Overview of part of the exhibition room

A collapse is also a beginning. Things fall apart, something new begins. In Collapse, you will meet people who, in various ways and at different times, face forces of nature that threatens to collapse their world.

Photo of the head of a scultpure from the exhibition. Photo: Fin Serck-Hanssen

In this exhibition you will be able to view some of the objects that gave people hope in the Middle Ages. Faith transformed the objects, and served as a bridge to the sacred and holy.

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The exhibition is open, but some painting work is ongoing until February 21.

At the Arctic Exhibition, you can experience the shaman costume from Tuva, traditional Inuit clothing and tools and study life in the Igloo.

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Through this exhibition, we allow the American collections to tell living stories about indigenous peoples and minorities throughout this vast region — stories of social life and identity.

gold coins

Gold is power - gold gives prestige. By minting gold coins, rulers have enabled people to meet and exchange values ​​in confidence for the past 2,600 years. And individual exploits live on by being honoured in gold.

Mask from Sudan

The Museum of Cultural History includes ethnographic exhibitions from these regions: America, The Arctic and Subarctic and some exhibition displays from Sudan, the Horn of Africa and Palestine.