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Ten Sami Time Frames – Logi sámi áigegova

Ten Sami Time Frames, a contemporary documentation of Sami life with photographs and texts, updates the Historical Museum’s permanent Arctic exhibition. Social anthropologist Jorunn Eikjok and photographer Ola Røe document various people’s lives in the countries that make up Sápmi (Samiland): areas in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia.

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Loparskaya. Photo: Ola Røe

Ten Sámi Time Frames highlights the diversity of Sápmi and presents personal portraits of people, landscapes, traditions and languages undergoing change. Via sensitive photography and exciting storytelling, you will meet people – of all ages and opinions and with different relationships to their Sami identity – from nine Sami environments. In the tenth time frame, “Metropolitan Sami", four generations of a major city-dwelling Sami family are represented.

The exhibition is based on the book and travelling exhibition Nine Sami Time Frames prepared by cultural producer Jorunn Eikjok and photographer Ola Røe in collaboration with RDM-Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat/The Sami Collections and with the support of the Samediggi/Sami Parliament. Those responsible for the earlier exhibition collaborated with the staff of the Museum of Cultural History to create the new version for the Historical Museum.

Ten Sami Time Frames is subtitled in Northern Sami, English and Norwegian. While the exhibition does not occupy a large area, it provides an up-to-date lift to the Sami section of the Arctic exhibition on the second floor of the Historical Museum.

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