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The Medieval Gallery

The exhibition in the Medieval Gallery displays religious artefacts as well as everyday objects. Due to renovations, this exhibition is closed from May 20 to 18 June.

Oversiktsbilde fra Middelalderutstillingen
The exhibition was designed by Norway's best known architect, Sverre Fehn (1924 – 2009). It opened in 1979. Photo: Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo.

Religious artefacts

Maria med barnet, Hedalen stavkirke
A replica of Mary with child from Hedalen stave church. 

The Cultural History Museum has a uniquely rich selection of stave church portals, chairs and other high-quality wooden objects from the 12th and 13th centuries.

You will also find Norway's largest collection of painted church art from the period 1100-1350.

Everyday life in Medieval times

Drikkehon fra Elingård på Onsøy i Østfold.
Drinking vessel from Elingård, Onsøy, Østfold. © Museum of Cultural History, UiO/ Eirik Irgens Johnsen 

Alongside the objects from Norwegian churches, the exhibition holds a rich collection of finger rings, shoes, games and tools you would expect to find in a Medieval market place. 

New exhibition opening in 2019

We are currently working on a new exhibition that will adress how people, through ritual practices, try to influence powers beyond the visible world.

The interior of the smallest room will replicate a pulpit with an alter and crucifixes. You will also find the famous painted ceiling from Ål stave church. It depicts stories from the Bible in cartoon format. The Ål ceiling was preserved in it's entirety when the original church was demolished in 1880, and it has delighted visitors to our museum for over 100 years.

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